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Open Access

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Business Internet Solutions

We have been providing the business community with over 8 years of reliable wireless business internet solutions.  Our recent infrastructure upgrade has allowed us to further increase network capacity and offered services. Benefit from a wide range of products that are sure to cater to your business.  From our classic 3 Mbps symmetrical plan, to our blazing fast 1000 Mbps tier, our network has been redesigned to offer the performance far superior to any other available wireless infrastructure.  Weather as a primary or secondary redundant solution, SkyNet Canada has a specific set of tools rendering our services unbeatable.

  Open Access Network

Due to recent network upgrades substantially increasing our network capacity to one of the largest available, we now employ an open access topology to the telecommunication industry.  With opportunities such as the creation of your own private wireless data network or last mile self provisioned transit to a client, our open access infrastructure provides numerous cost saving advantages.  A low latency high performance wireless data infrastructure allows you to provide a broader range of solutions, thus creating additional revenue.  With POP's located at Cologix, Hypertec and Netelligent in Montreal and Rogers
(Granite Networks) in Ottawa, interconnection with our open access platform becomes seamless.

Outdoor Industrial WiFi and Special Events.

Over the years we have been graced with numerous challenging projects.  Some examples over the years, providing secure private wireless lines to the Provincial Police, high speed high capacity dual band WiFi for over 400  people for the Government of Quebec, outdoor WiFi in public parks for the city of Blainville, high speed internet access for the Montreal Fashion week indoors and outdoors, to WiFi at the Grand Prix of Montreal. We have acquired a significant amount of experience and expertise.  Have a particular requests?  A short period of time to successfully implement this project?  We excel in providing the almost impossible.  Call us.  Challenge us!.

Guaranteed Dedicated Connectivity for everyone.

Symmetrical Business Internet

As low as $4/Mbps Flat fee, unlimited monthly bandwidth + Static IP, 1-1 ratio. Installation charge of $399 (service upto 300 Mbps)

Giga Symmetrical Business Internet

Special Pricing Please Call.  Available in select regions

Open Access Network

Please call and inquire about our various open access services including NNI

Dedicated bandwidth

You get the speeds your paying for. Enjoy dedicated bandwidth via a wireless direct link to our fiber optic backbone.

Network performance

With our state of the art wireless network, we provide sub 15ms latency back to our fiber optic gateway

Guaranteed service

With and industry standard SLA typical to fiber networks, we ensure the best possible service to your business.

Included services

Enjoy unlimited monthly bandwidth usage and a static IP address with all our tiers.

What our clients have to say.

Blainville Quote

"SkyNet Canada a toujours été à la hauteur de nos différentes demandes au fil des années. Que ce soit au dix-30 ou à Montréal, à chaque fois l`équipe SkyNet a relever le défis de nous alimenter en IP mobile où il n’y avait pas de disponibilité des autres fournisseurs traditionnels. Nous avons aussi de très bonnes relations d’affaires depuis des années, à Gatineau et St-Jérôme notamment."

Conrad B. - Cogeco Diffusion

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Southern Quebec


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 our Fiber Optic Network with unbeatable pricing may also be available.

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